Linear Actuators

Hydraulic Linear Actuators

Nuova Oleodinamica Bobo S.r.l. manufactures and revises various models of linear actuators, in accordance with our clients’ requests. We guarantee swiftness, precision and only the best certified materials, which will grant your equipment great durability over time.



Fields of application

ROT 30 RF 180° Mounted on shoemaking machinery
ROT 35 B 90° control panel regulating a throttle valve
ROT 120 90° RS Double ball valve, for transfer of up to -163°C liquid methane
ROT 63 B 360° for robotised welding system
ROT 63 RF 180° mesh welding plant
ROT 63 RF 180° high frequency welding machine
ROT 100 B 180° mixers for the pharmaceutical industries
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